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Our PR & Communications Training Solutions

The PR Training Academy is a leading provider of PR and communications training to business organisations worldwide.

Our tailored training solutions are delivered by industry professionals and specifically designed to meet the needs of your organisation. We will assess your training needs and deliver a programme that targets the gaps in your team’s skillset. Simply contact us to discuss your training needs.


pr corporate training

What to expect from our PR Corporate Training

pr corporate training

Throughout the training journey, industry experts will mentor and guide your team. As the Covid-19 crisis has changed the PR world, so have our training methods. We have adjusted to this unprecedented situation and are currently delivering training through online webinar workshops. The training delivered in these online sessions can additionally be supported by our extensive range of online self-study courses

Online learning promotes self-development and time management skills that are a great benefit to your business. Ongoing guidance and feedback throughout the process means that your team will always be supported on their training journey.

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Why does my business need PR corporate training?

Even the most successful businesses can significantly benefit from corporate training. As your company grows, it is natural to focus on external factors. However, it is also essential not to neglect your most important asset: your team.
Communications is a fast moving industry which is constantly evolving and changing. Your team members need to stay updated with the latest practice and skills. Training and upskilling not only keep your company competitive, but also make your team feel valued and connected.
Benefits of PR corporate training include:


  • Furthering your employees’ skills and keeping them engaged in industry change
  • Identifying gaps in your team and their skill set
  • Increased productivity from motivated employees

PR Training Delivered To Your Company

pr corporate training

A Global Training Partner

As an established player in the PR training and consultancy business, we have partnered with some of the leading PR and communications educators and professional bodies across the globe.

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